Visitor Management Process Flow


TouchPoint’s simple step by step process to make your Visitor management quick, easy & effective!



Automating visitor management process will make your workspace safe and secure for everyone involved. Learn how easy it is to manage your office visitors using TouchPoint.

  • Step 1: Visitor enters building
  • Step 2: Self Check-in using Tab: Use the tab at security to register the visitor’s details and his/her photo
  • Step 3: Hands over their visiting card to the security personnel or receptionist
  • Step 4: Scans the business card using the business card scanner
  • Step 5: OCR Conversion: TouchPoint stores the complex visitor details in the database
  • Step 6: Web Camera: Webcam/IP camera captures the visitor’s photograph
  • Step 7: Bio-Metric: Biometric captures the visitor’s fingerprint data
  • Step 8: Digital Pen: Digital pen records the visitor’s signature
  • Step 9: Barcode Scanner: Barcode scanner tags visitor’s items like laptop and disks
  • Step 10: Label Printer: Label printer prints the visitor pass on self adhesive customized stickers
  • Step 11: Notification: TouchPoint notifies visitor host through SMS/email regarding visitor’s arrival
  • Step 12: Visitor is checked in successfully

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